The Concept
Chryssoula Valaka Kousathana

Chryssoula Valaka Kousathana was born in Pyrgos of Tinos Island, Greece in 1948 in the most famous place worldwide regarding the marble art. In 1964 started her studies in the School of Fine Arts in Tinos Island, Greece and after 3 years got her scholarship in the Ecole Nationale Superieure des Beaux Art in Paris, France. Meanwhile she decides to study fashion design in the Es Mode Ecole Superieure International des Modelists. Dedicated to her studies, one more scholarship is coming next to Balmain and Christian Dior learning all the secrets of fashion and marketing. She is coming back in Greece in 1972 in the place she was born and starts her own business designing and producing romantic handmade dresses unique of a kind and starts selling them in Mykonos Island, Greece where they become so famous. This is the new 'era' for Chryssoula when she becomes so popular getting the chance to expand her businesses in Athens, Greece with brand new facilities in the most famous and expensive area, Kolonaki Sq produces her creativities.


Next step was to start sending those unique pieces in Paris, New York, Cape Town, Cyprus and Middle East as a wholesaler in the most famous boutiques worldwide. In Mykonos also create her last new boutique that became again popular. Her first desire and studies are fine art, sculptures and painting so like this she establishes Mykonos Art Gallery. Gathering art pieces from all over the world and having her first contact with tourism she becomes again one of a kind! Travelling to Paris, Cyprus and Middle East where she was already recognizable, starts from the beginning her new journey around painting, sculpting, hagiography, marble art as well as interion and exterior design. Creating her own pieces of art, buying, selling, shipping all over the world she becomes for one more time the best connection in Greece for The Art, her lifetime dream!

After winning this level of the game, it is now time to concentrate in the Hotel Art Decoration bringing all her knowledge, experience, vision to create Mykonos Bay Resort & Villas and very well known luxury Villas around Mykonos & Tinos island. She designs and collect by herself every single piece of art and have by her side on the best sculptor - Charry Koutsouris - bringing all the marbles from Tinos Island in order to accompany the minimal Cycladic architecture. Step by step Mykonos Bay Resort & Villas is the dream that became true. This is Chryssoulas' youngest 'child'.

In 2020s' the decision to gather her private collection - art pieces, sculptures, paintings and more - in one place. Going back to Tinos Island, Greece she establishes the Museum of Chryssoula Valaka Kousathana which is open for everyone that want to meet those pieces of art from all over the world combining every part of Greek History in the most popular place - Tinos, the island of Panagia and the artists that have more than a rich history.

Our Story

Mykonos Bay was built in 1985 and in 1986 was the first year of operation. The only hotel by Megali Ammos beach, next to Mykonos Town, up on the beach! Year by year the owner, the mind and the soul of this business dream, Nick Kousathanas succeeded to combine Mykonian hospitality, tradition and luxury services while still welcoming every single guest all these years..