Superior Premium Residence with Outdoor Jacuzzi


Fully renovated recently, the Superior Premium Residence with Outdoor Jacuzzi offers guests the chance to unwind and enjoy a relaxing vacation in Mykonos. It offers a bedroom with a comfortable king-size bed, a bathroom with a shower, a private balcony with soothing views of the Aegean Sea, a traditional yard as well as the luxury of an alluring outdoor jacuzzi.

Displaying a stylish design that stays true to the minimalist principles of Cycladic architecture, with marvelous mosaics embellishing its interior spaces, this residence introduces guests to the authentic Mykonian charm. It is located in the Annex Building, just 250 m. from the property's main building, with easy access to all the facilities.

*Please note: Reservations made for the annex building cannot be reallocated to the main building due to differences in construction.